Tamago Roll (6pcs)

classic japanese sweet-omelette

$ 3.95

California Roll (6pcs)

crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo

$ 4.50

California and Cream Cheese Roll (6pcs)

crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo. cream cheese

$ 5.95

Deluxe California Roll (6pcs)

real crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo, smelt fish roe

$ 7.95

Deep Fried California Roll (8pcs)

crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo with teriyaki sauce and spicy mayo

$ 6.50

Cheese Yam Roll(6pcs)

Cream Cheese, Deep fried yam

$ 5.95

Spicy Avo Yam Roll(6pcs)

Avocado, deep fried yam, spicy mayo

$ 5.95

Spicy Yam Roll(8pcs)

carrot, avocado, yam on the top with spicy mayo

$ 6.50

Spicy Crispy Tuna or Salmon Roll(6pcs)

Spicy tuna or salmon, cucumber, tempura bits, spicy mayo



Smoke Salmon Roll(6pcs)

Smoke salmon, mayo, cucumber

$ 5.95

Spicy Crispy Crab Roll (6pcs)

Imitation crab meat, spicy mayo, tempura bits

$ 4.95

Dynamite Roll (6pcs)

Deep fried shrimp, avocado, cucumber,  mayo, smelf fish roe

$ 5.95

B.C Roll (6pcs)

BBQ salmon, cucumber, mayo, lettuce, crab meat, smelt fish roe, avocado, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo

$ 5.95

Crunchy Roll (6pcs)

Deep fried shrimp, avocado, topped with yam tempura, spicy mayo

$ 6.50

Salmon Roll(6pcs)

$ 4.95

Tuna Roll (6pcs)

$ 5.50

Beef Roll or Chicken Roll (6pcs)

beef or chicken, teriyaki sauce, cucumber, lettuce

$ 5.50

Butter fish Roll(6pcs)

$ 5.50

Unakyu Roll (6pcs)

cucumber, BBQ eel, BBQ sauce

$ 6.50

House Roll (6pcs)

crab meat, avocado, cucumber, chef speicial choice fish

$ 6.95

Negi Hamachi Roll (6pcs)

Yellow tail fish with green onion

$ 6.95

Salmo Avo Roll (6pcs)

$ 5.95

Salmon Avo Cream Cheese Roll (6pcs)

$ 6.95

Vegetarian Roll

Kappa Roll (6pcs)


$ 3.50

Avocado Roll (6pcs)

$ 4.50

Avo Kappa Roll (6pcs)

Avocado, cucumber

$ 4.50

Asparagus Roll (6pcs)

$ 3.95

Shitake Mushroom Roll(6pcs)


Avo Yam Roll

Avocado, deep fried yam


Yam Roll(8pcs)

carrot, avocado, topped with yam tempura

$ 6.50

Veggie Dragon Roll(8pcs)

Deep fried asparagus, yam tempura topped with avocado


Avocado Sushi(2pcs)


Bean Curd(Inari) Sushi (2pcs)

$ 4.45

Asparagus Sushi (2pcs)

$ 4.45