Special Roll

Salifornia Roll (6 pcs)

california roll wrapped salmon and deep fried with teriyaki sauce and spiciy mayo

$ 7.25

Alaska Roll(8pcs)

real crab meat, avocado, cucumber, mayo topped with smoked salmon.

$ 9.95

Philadelphia Roll(8pcs)

cream cheese,avocado, cucumber, crab meat topped with smoked salmon.

$ 8.95

Rainbow Roll (8pcs)

Deep fried shrimp, cucumber, mayo, smelf fish roe topped with avocado, assorted fish plus teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo

$ 10.95

Black Dragon Roll(8pcs)

deep fried shrimp, cucumber, mayo ,smelt fish roe topped  with avocado, BBQ eel, teriyaki sauce

$ 11.95

Red Dragon Roll(8pcs)

deep fried shrimp, cucumber, mayo, smelf fish roe topped with avocado, salmon  plus spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce

$ 9.95

Green Dragon Roll(8pcs)

deep fried shrimp, cucumber, mayo, smelf fish roe topped with avocado  plus spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce

$ 8.95

Volcano Roll(8pcs)

deep fried california  topped with flying fish roe with spicy mayo

$ 12.95

Caterpillar Roll.(8pcs)

BBQ eel, crab meat, mayo, cucumber topped with avocado, teriyaki sauce

$ 11.95

White Castle Roll(8pcs)

deep fried california topped with deep fried scallop with teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo

$ 13.95

Spider Roll(6pcs)

deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, mayo, lettuce, flying fish roe with spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce

$ 12.95

Monkey's Tear Roll(6 pcs)

deep fried asparagus, cream cheese, smoked salmon, BBQ eel, crab meat, salmon, flying fish roe with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce

$ 11.95

Tiger Roll(8pcs)

spicy salmon, cream cheese, avocado topped with torched salmon and sweet onion with spicy mayo

$ 12.95